Chuluchosema Villages by Dickson Chikwakwa

The Chuluchosema Villages lacks so many things that can make life be meaningful for everyone. There is no clean water in the villages. Not enough money to send girls to high school. The elderly living in a devastated state of life. Many children were made orphans due to the pandemic of HIV Aids in the villages.  In Malawi about two million people are facing hunger. Challenges that are constant and ongoing is hunger due to climate change, and many villagers have to walk very long distances for access to health services.  The above are some of the challenges we face.

Although these presenting difficulties continue to affect the livelihood of the citizens, we would like to partner with others to make a difference in the lives of the people of Malawi.  We have the following projects that need support:  children daycare, Saturday feeding program, the Agogo (geriatric) club. Additionally the maternity program was recently completed, but there are no staff houses. We need assistance with school fees to the needy in high school and university. We have a long list of students that need help due to limited resources.

 We hope the community will receive continued support from organizations that share interest in helping the Chuluchosema CCAP Church in Malawi.  The CCAP Church has hosted many guests and organizations such as Mercer University- Mercer On Mission Program, and churches like  Medical Students and other student programs, and the St. Columba’s Parish Church of  Scotland, Glenrothes.  This time around we are seeing funds from different churches, companies and individuals in order to feed about 1400 families that are facing critical hunger. We need continued support for the sake of our community and the children who are without families.

Dickson Chikwakwa 

Session Clerk, Chuluchosema CCAP Church

Zomba, Malawi



My exposure to Malawi has broaden my vision as to how far reaching volunteerism can be taken.  The work I participated in during my visit as a student at Mercer University has forged a life-long connection and relationship with many individuals in Malawi. As a result, I have decided to continue my support by raising awareness of their struggles with poverty, HIV infections, and deforestation.  I want the world know about the needs that must be addressed (i.e. the  children’s daycare and Saturday feeding program, and the Agogo (geriatric) club). I am a humanitarian liaison who can stand in the gap by raising funding and awareness. All donations collected are being sent directly to the Chuluchosema CCAP Church.  

Chief  Dickson Chikwakwa, Session Clerk, Chuluchosema CCAP Church works closely with me to oversee the handling of funds to ensure support is given to the indicated projects on my MISSIONS Page!  

To learn more about Chuluchosema CCAP, please visit their FaceBook page and the other links provided below. 

Chuluchosema CCAP:



I invite you to read my blog post about my trip to Malawi, Africa and what I learned from the mission trip in 2011. Since then I’ve been committed to help support the initiatives to feed the orphans, and heal the residents in the Chuluchosema Villages. READ MORE: http://generationhealthalliance.org/malawi-mission/!

Here’s more photos from Malawi, Africa during the Mercer on Mission trip. Please support the work of Generation Health Alliance Foundation, Inc. as we continue to support economical and humanitarian efforts in the Chuluchosema Villages.

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Faces of Zomba, Malawi

Chuluchosema Vegetable Garden and Orchard Project




Solar Water Pump Installation and Water Testing Project





Mt. Mulange

We had the pleasure of spending a few nights on Mt. Mulange. While there, we visited the Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust (MMCT) where we learned about the CBNRM (Community Based Natural Resource Management) program that is being managed by MMCT.

Mt. Mulanje is one of the very remarkable natural resources in Malawi. Apart from its famous and imposing Sapitwa Peak that stands over 3000 meters above sea level, the attractive Mt. Mulanje is more than a rock. It has a very rich and stunning forest reserve which is home to a rich and diverse endemic plant and animal species.  You can find more information about Mt. Mulange by visiting this website: http://www.mountmulanje.org.mw/







Scenes from Malawi- Lake Malawi National Park – UNESCO World Heritage Site and Liwonde National Park